Get the Edge this summer with PhysioEdge Physiotherapy & Sports Injury clinics


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Physio Edge Ltd
2 Station Parade
Burlington Lane
W4 3HD

Tel: 0845 643 0812


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Sports in Chiswick

We offer Physiotherapy for pain, and all injuries, including sports injuries, and work or posture-related problems.

Our highly qualified Physiotherapists promote injury healing and assist in back-to-sport rehabilitation following injury or surgery.

We take each problem down to the roots, to prevent recurrence of the problem.

Back and neck pain are commonly seen, and are easily treated by our team. We also treat children, and the elderly.

Our new silent massage room is the ideal place for relaxation massages, or deep tissue sports massage.

August Massage Offer: 20% off all one hour massages in August at our Chiswick site.


July 30, 2009