Full English Fry Up or Continental Croissants?

Knives and forks at the ready, it's your chance to decide who makes the best breakfast in Chiswick

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From greasy spoons to posh nosh everyone’s tastes are more than catered for in W4 but who deserves the title of ‘Best Breakfast in Chiswick’?

ChiswickW4.com is looking for the best cooked breakfast money can buy and is asking you to nominate your favourite.

So if you agree with Times food critic Giles Coren who believes you never see a person with a degree eating a fry-up. “Certainly not someone with a 2:1 or better in a humanities subject from a university founded before the invention of the iPod. That's because they are smart enough to know better,” or you’re more in agreement with Sun readers who’ve nominated Natalizi as one of their favourites, now is the time to make your opinion heard.

Please email your choice including cost to editor@chiswickw4.com and we will compile a Chiswick top ten.

May 13, 2008