So Who Does Make The Best Breakfast In Chiswick?

Many contenders but only one winner of the Breccy Poll

When we posed the question, "Who makes the best breakfast in Chiswick?" we were unprepared for the deluge of response we received.

Ostensibly, the most important meal of the day is one that is taken rather seriously in W4 and, although there were many contenders, there was one clear winner - Natalizi - with High Road Brasserie coming a very close second. Third place was taken by Annie's with Sam's Bar & Brasseries a very respectable fourth.

Below is the table of the main contenders and some of the comments we received about them:


Name of Cafe / Restaurant




    • I'm no Sun reader, but Natalizi do fine early morning nosh and my wife has a decent degree!
    • Lovely people, wholesome food.
    • Without a doubt!

High Road House

  • The croque madam and hot chocolate are to die for
  • Undoubtedly the £8.50 Full English at High Road House…Giles Coren knows nuffink…


  • Eggs Benedict with home fries that are crispy, but soft on the inside.
  • Quality, size range and reliability of the fare
  • Bloody Mary and Eggs Benedict – I look forward to Sundays for this very reason! Total cost including coffee £15 worth every penny!

Sam’s Bar & Brasserie

  • Best Hollandaise with the smoothest consistency and correct piquancy

Pete’s Café ( Acton Lane)

  • They do loads of variations on a cooked breakfast so you can pick and choose what you want on your plate, perfect for me who doesn't do eggs, mushrooms or black pudding! So a fiver will get you a plate full of chips, beans, two sausages, 2 rashers of bacon, a burger plus a soft drink or cup of tea with 10p back which will go in the tips jar.

Copper Cow

  • Great atmosphere, and not too many fried foods.  Just simple eggs benedict, royale and florentine and more of a brunchy menu which always pleases me as good for the health and for the hangover
  • Very reasonable prices and lovely, lovely staff and management


  • NB. no comments but a number of votes

Cafe Delizia

  • £4.95 price includes coffee/tea and toast

Café Luna

  • £4.00 including drink of your choice


  • All day breakfast £4:50 well worth the price and well worth waiting for

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June 6, 2008