Staying In The Delia Way

Chiswick Fishmonger discovers it's the only way to go

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It would appear that the notion of staying in being the new going out hasn't quite caught on in Chiswick, at least not if the notion is to save money. Especially for those who have a fondness for Delia and her fish pie.

Her recipe calls for ingredients that cost an astonishing £70, according to the Daily Express, a fact backed up by Covent Garden Fishmongers' Eddie Patmore.

“The first time someone ordered it, they almost choked when I told them it would cost around £70 so from then on, I made sure to tell my customers beforehand,” he said.

“It really is one of the most expensive fish dishes you can ask for. You need 1.5lb of halibut, 8oz of scallops and 4oz of raw prawns, which are all pretty pricey, but customers seem to want it. I even offer them cheaper fish alternatives but they won’t hear of it. It’s Delia’s way or no way.”

The necessary halibut, scallops and king prawns will set the staying-inners back £70 for enough for a family of four, without vegetables or wine.


July 3, 2009