'Killjoy Jogger' Blamed For Demise of Outdoor Drinking

Beer lover angered after complaint removes tables from Thames towpath

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People enjoying a riverside pint at Strand on the Green claim they have been scuppered by a 'killjoy jogger'.

An 'enraged CAMRAman' said that the tables outside The Bull's head were removed after a jogger complained their run was being impeded and now the same thing has happened to The City Barge.

He told ChiswickW4.com, "As a result we must all drink inside and cannot have supper in the sun until they [the pubs] find out if they will be awarded a council licence, a process that can take up to four weeks."

He added, "This is the pubs' busiest season and they rely on the summer profits to make it through the leaner months.

"The towpath is for ALL to enjoy in their own way without imposing unduly on others - and slowing down a jog is hardly an excuse to force dozens of diners out of the fresh air."

We have asked Hounslow Council for comment on the matter.

August 10, 2010