Boy’s Ballet comes to Chiswick

New lessons for future Billy Elliots this September

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West London Dance Academy
Tel: 020 8994 0349/07771 984590

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With the success of the film and West End show Billy Elliot, TV shows X Factor, Pop Idol and Strictly Come Dancing, the ability to dance and perform is becoming more popular than ever. In the experience of Chiswick’s West London Dance Academy, this is not just limited to budding ballerinas but boys too.

Judith Taylor, West London Dance Academy’s Director has seen a real upsurge in the amount of boys wanting to take up dance lessons. “I am so delighted with the attitude of my young male students who really want to dance and are very comfortable about what they do. They bring other boy’s along to my classes and I can see that dance really compliments their musical and sporting hobbies”.

Whilst the Academy has seen the number of male pupils increase in Tap and Modern Jazz classes, Ballet still remains a slight barrier to some boy’s when faced with a room full of pink ballerinas and so the Academy has decided to launch a Boy’s Ballet class for 5-7 year olds in September 2006.

As Judith say’s “The decision to launch a Boy’s Ballet class is not to segregate boys and girls but to encourage boy’s to take up ballet in the first place so they can realise that ballet is fun and actually quite physically demanding. Ballet can teach children everything from creativity and co-ordination to self confidence and self discipline”.

Contact Judith on 020 8994 0349/07771 984590 or for more details.

August 16, 2006