A Breakfast At Cote Will End With 'I Do'

The manager of the Chiswick branch surprises partner with proposal


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A bit of romantic history was made at Chiswick's Cote restaurant last week when manager Pawel Czajka proposed to his partner over breakfast.

The couple were enjoying their meal, both of them on a day off, at table number 57, a cosy space just inside the front entrance last Tuesday when fate intervened by way of a motorbike courier.

pawel and carlos celebrate engagement at cote

Manager Pawel, who has been with the W4 branch for the past four years, had ordered a silver engagement ring to be delivered to his workplace and had planned on popping the question to his partner Carlos but had not quite decided how or when.

However, when colleague Anna, who knew of his intentions, spotted the courier arriving with the envelope, she decided to intervene.

"She called me over and said, 'I think it's the ring you ordered-why don't you go ahead and ask him now' recalled Pawel. He hesitated for a second and then decided to go ahead - ordering a glass of champagne for his companion and popping the ring inside.

Staff watched table number 57 secretly as they continued to serve diners in the restaurant, wondering what would happen next.

As the champagne arrived at the table Carlos looked quizzically at the glass and asked 'What are we celebrating?' Whereupon Pawel dropped onto one knee and asked the important question. When he got the answer he wanted, he jumped up and shouted "He said Yes" to the delight of everyone in the restaurant, who burst into applause.

The happy couple have not yet decided on the date.

Pawel, who is Polish, and Carlos, who is from Spain, have been together for about five years. Carlos is also a restaurant manager, at Annie's at Strand on the Green.

March 10, 2017

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