Birdcage accused of flooding flat with sewage

Resident complains of sodden treatment by pub's personnel


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The Birdcage public house finds itself in the news yet again this week after a resident complained to about his treatment by the staff.

Marcin Dudzik, who has rented the flat next door to the pub for the past few years, told us how he discovered a large pool of water in his flat on New Year's Eve.  On further investigation, he discovered that the water was coming from an overflowing drain that belonged to The Birdcage.

During the following week, Marcin experienced almost continuous water, and often raw sewage, coming into his home.

Despite various visits to the pub, often to be told that there was no manager to speak with him, Marcin was forced to call the Fire Brigade twice on New Years Eve, and also the Police.

Unfortunately both emergency services, although being quick to attend, were reluctant to take action to stop the leak because The Birdcage management, who had early on in the saga admitted that the leak was their problem, changed their minds and denied any knowledge.

After seven days of near continuous water and sewage with no action being taken by the staff of The Birdcage, all Marcin received during his repeated visits to the pub were scornful remarks. 

Marcin's landlord, the recently deceased Mr Adamou, was ill in hospital during the whole episode, sadly passed away before it was resolved. The Adamou family were supportive but understandably unable to offer any real help at the time.

The leakage did stop for a short while after a visit from Hounslow's Environmental Health Officer and the local Police, but began again even after a promise from the Spirit Group that the problem would be sorted.  The Birdcage's Duty Manager, who refused to give his name, told us that the "leak had only been going for three days and had been caused by a blockage in the waste. It was not their fault and had nothing to do with them"

The Birdcage is set to close its doors on 28th January 2006 to undergo major refurbishment before reopening as a gastro pub.  The Spirit Group, who own The Birdcage, has come under fire from West London's gay community after a member of staff claimed that makeover and new name was "to get away from the image it has at the moment".

The Spirit Group, who were recently bought out by Punch Taverns, also own The Barley Mow, The John Bull and the Packhorse and Talbot on Chiswick High Road, The Duke on South Parade, The Grove Park Hotel in Grove Park, City Barge and Bulls Head in Strand on the Green and The Tabard on Bath Road. There are no current plans to alter the services offered by any of these.

We contacted The Spirit Group for comment but are yet to receive a response.



January 1, 2006