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Just Who Does Make The Best Coffee in Chiswick?

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A recent forum thread posed the question where one can find the best cup coffee in Chiswick?

Considering there are now more than 70 places on or around the High Road and another opening in a week’s time, is Chiswick a utopia for caffeine lovers or is there still room for improvement?

Pondering this issue and being unable to drink that much coffee ourselves, we decided to ask the caffeine lovers of W4 to help us compile a top ten places to get your caffeine fix.

To get the ball rolling I’ll start with my favourite which is Sam’s Brasserie who, in my humble opinion, make the best decaffeinated (caffeine does strange things to me) lattes in town (£2.00), very closely followed by High Road Brasserie (also £2.00).

A Brazilian friend, who I believe knows a thing or two about coffee and never seemed to mind the smoky atmosphere (it's now a smoke free cafe), swears by Café Nero (the one on the corner of Elliot Road).

If you would like to nominate your favourite, email me on including the name of the establishment, name of coffee you order (though results will be decided upon number of recommendations for establishment), and the cost.

The only constraint on nominations is that the café / bar / restaurant must be in W4.

Results will be published in due course.


Emma Brophy

April 20, 2007