A New Favourite In The Making

Cote lives up to its promise of simple freshly prepared French food at value for money prices

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It’s funny how memories have a way of fading facts. Texas Lone Star was a great family favourite of ours however the influx of a number of new family friendly places to eat that have opened in Chiswick since Lone Star closed in 2005 highlights the fact that food wasn’t really anything outstanding.

That said, we would go back week in week out. The children loved it, we loved it, it was invariably a great feel good place to be and so what if the food wasn’t the best we’d ever tasted? The margaritas certainly were!

Back to the present and the opening of Côte.

After years of will they won’t they with Black and Blue, the Cote Restaurant chain took on the Turnham Green Terrace site and transformed it into a bustling brasserie.

It has to be said that the restaurant is a formulaic one, but what a formula! Offering ‘simple freshly prepared French food at value for money prices’ Cote spotted a gap in the crowded Chiswick dining scene and filled it.

This Friday was the second time we’d eaten in Cote. Although the restaurant was busy and buzzy, the atmosphere was relaxed and the interior cool providing welcome relief from the heat of the day.

Service is charmingly fast and efficient - this isn’t really the place for a long leisurely meal – but I guess if I had people queuing around the block wanting to be fed I’d want to feed them. That said, the couple on the table next to us did ask for their “meal to be slowed down a bit” before turning to my husband and I explaining that it was the first time they’d been out since the birth of their second child six months ago. With a family member babysitting, they wanted to make the most of their few hours of freedom. They got their wish and their service was adapted to suit their needs.

We alternated between Kasteel Cru (French beer) and complimentary filtered water to cool down whilst deciding what to order.

To start I had the tomato salad (£4.95) and whilst my husband chose the seared scallops (£7.80). My salad did exactly what it said it would do on the menu and done well. The scallops were a pleasant surprise. Three huge plump succulent scallops topped with lardons, puy lentils and salads leaves – incredible mouth-watering value for money.

The mains were every bit as good. My husband had the roast duck breast (£13.50) served perfectly pink with wonderful creamy gratin potatoes and a griottine cherry sauce.

I went for the chargrilled Breton chicken (from Languidic in the heart of rural Brittany in the north of France which is renowned for its poultry) with frites and a little greenery (£9.95). Simple, beautifully cooked, we would have to be really picky to have found fault with either of these dishes.

We usually choose house wines going on the adage that any restaurant worth its salt will have a decent wine they put their name to. Cote’s is a Lagarde Rouge 2009 costing £13.95. However, our waitress suggested that for a little more money the St Chinian, Domaine Du Barres 2008 £16.95 was worth a try. She was right, it was.

We finished our meal by sharing a cheese plate (£5.85).

Great food, great atmosphere, great value for money, we can’t wait to go back.


Emma Brophy


July 10, 2010