Mackens Hit By Top Restaurants' Bankruptcy

Tom Aiken's company placed in administration

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Leading local butcher Macken Brothers is face a loss totalling tens of thousands following the collapse of two restaurants associated with Michelin-starred chef Tom Aikens.

Tom Aikens Restaurant and Tom's Kitchen have been placed in administration leaving 160 suppliers owed over £100,000. The liquidators are telling creditors that they are unlikely to see any of their money with the banks ahead of them in the queue for any cash raised from the sale of the businesses assets.

T&L Ltd and Tom Aikens Ltd were placed into administration on 17 October. They have been bought by a private equity company and Tom Aikens is remaining as a shareholder but with a much smaller stake than before. Aikens is claiming to have lost over half a million following the failure of the company.

Mackens supplied the restaurant with prime cuts of beef and was owed £53,000. He is reported as saying that it will be 'a massive blow' if they can't get their money back but he has had experience of restaurants going 'belly up' before.

Tom Aikens has been contacting creditors to explain the situation in the hope that they will continue to provide him with the quality produce which helped build his reputation.

October 31, 2008