Restaurant Survey Shows Diners Are Finding Great Deals

And many are feeling more appreciated by the restaurants they eat in

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Zagat's 2011 London Restaurants survey found that diners tightening their belts has had a positive effect on the whole eating out experience.

Although it comes as no surprise that diners are more cautious abut how and where the spending their money - 34% of surveyors said that they’re eating out less and 26% said they’re going to less expensive places, - 20% said they now feel more appreciated by restaurants and 65% of surveyors report finding better dining deals.

Other findings included:

  • There was minimal inflation in average meal cost from last year – just 1.1% from £40.39 to £40.84.
  • Surveyors report they’re eating out only 2.2 times per week, down from 2.5 from before the recession.
  • Twelve percent of surveyors have cut back on high-profit items such as alcohol and desserts, eroding restaurant profits.
  • Twenty-seven percent say they’re securing reservations more easily.
  • When asked what kind of dining deals are most likely to entice them, surveyors said set-price menus (65%), food discounts (62%), wine discounts (24%) and happy hour (9%).

September 15, 2010