Studio G14 Take Personal Training To New Level

Emma Brophy discovers the benefits of taking an holistic approach to health and fitness


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Unique Personalised Health and Fitness At Studio G14 - Emma Brophy discovers the pain is worth the gain in her quest to get fit for Christmas


The Studio G14 team is made up of Joe Read BSc (Hons) - 1st Class Degree in Physical Education and Sports Science from Loughborough University as well as a Premier Diploma in Personal Training, Nutrition and Sports Massage Therapy, REPS Level 3 Advanced Instructor, Spinning and Boxercise Instructor and six years Personal Training experience.

Ben Read - BTEC Sports Science Diploma (Distinction) Premier Diploma in Personal Training, Nutrition and Sports Massage Therapy, Premier Advanced Personal Training Diploma, REPS Level 3 Advanced Instructor and also has six years Personal Training experience

Ivor Cradock - Premier Diploma in Personal Training and Sports Massage Therapy. He is a British Association for Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase IV Instructor, a REPS Level 3 Advanced Instructor, a Spinning and Boxercise Instructor and has five years Personal Training experience.

Nathan Carter - Physiotherapist, BSc in Physiotherapy (Auckland, 1994), State Registered Physiotherapist (SRP), Member of Chartered Society of Physiotherapists (MCSP), Recognised by all insurance companies.

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I’ve been asked on numerous occasions over the past five weeks to explain exactly what it is that makes Studio G14 different. The straightforward differentiation is that Studio G14 is not a gym in the generic sense; it’s a personal training studio. But what really sets these guys apart is their highly personalised holistic attitude towards to health and fitness.

Joe explains “Taking a holistic approach to health and fitness is essential to ensure maximum results and to stay injury-free. We don’t believe in any sort of generic format or ‘one size fits all’ – every person is unique. Therefore the detailed training and nutritional programme we create for you must reflect your individuality.”

Right at the outset of my programme, Joe explained how by eating healthily – believe me I'm strictly life’s too short for depravation – and sticking to a realistic exercise programme will achieve sustainable results.

“Drastically reducing calorie intake with a ‘fad’ diet may provide immediate weight loss, but this is often due to a reduction in lean muscle tissue rather than body fat." says Joe "These diets just aren’t sustainable and generally leave you feeling too tired to exercise. In the typical yo-yo fashion, all the weight is put back on (and often more) when normal eating habits are resumed. The answer is a balanced healthy eating plan sustainable all year round. Make small, achievable, life-long changes to your lifestyle and eating habits.”

This was all I needed to hear to convince me to stick to the plan. Another good tip was blood sugar levels, if you let them get low you look for a quick fix hence the desire for sugar loaded snacks, but by ensuring that you eat small amounts regularly, hunger never gets a look in.

It works. Over the past five weeks, even taking into account the multitude of Christmas lunches, dinners and drinks parties I’ve enjoyed, I have managed to lose weight without a moment of denial.

But it’s not all down to improved eating habits; I also have enough energy not only to be a working mother of three but also to do justice to the challenging exercise programme Ben has created for me.

Taking ‘personal’ training to a whole new level - right down to the fact that my left thigh muscle is tighter than my right (that's not my only shortcoming but others are on a strictly need to know basis) – Ben and Joe created a programme that has resulted in significant changes to my body shape in a short space of time.

In just over a month I have managed to run faster and longer than I ever have before, have mastered the art of split squats and managed 45 press ups all in the same session.

I am under no illusion that I would have achieved any of these had it not been for the constant support and encouragement of Ben. I found myself not wanting to let him down as much as I wanted to achieve my goals such is the bond we’ve so easily formed. And when he was genuinely as elated as I was when I took two minutes 12 seconds off my personal best time for running 5km, I felt it should be renamed ‘team’ training because I really couldn’t have done it without him.

That, I believe, is where the real value of personal training comes in. Anyone can set a goal but there are only a few with the motivation required to achieve them. Some clients choose to have a training session once a week, some more, others less. “There’s no quick fix or ‘magic 6 week plan’ – sustainability is the key,” says Joe “52 weeks a year, with re-assessments every eight weeks to review and monitor progress, and plan progression forwards, these are essential to maintain focus and prevent plateau and boredom."

I can honestly say that without the guys at Studio G14 I wouldn’t be planning to (or indeed believe I could) run the parameter of Richmond Park by end of February, scale at least three of the Welsh peaks by April or consider climbing to Everest base camp sometime in the next 12 months.

More details can be found on their website or contact Joe on 07950 415 157 or

Emma Brophy


January 9, 2008