A Step Too Far In His Mentor's Footsteps?

Chiswick's Mark Sargeant quits the kitchen to concentrate demands made by Ramsay's media commitments

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He's widely considered as Ramsay's right hand man so it comes as little surprise that Mark Sargeant has chosen to closely follow his mentor's footsteps.

Even though Ramsay is regularly critised for spending too much time on the TV and not enough in the kitchen, it seems that Sargeant doesn't agree.

The Chiswick chef who launched Ramsay's chain of gastro pubs including The Devonshire, has given up his post in Claridge's kitchen so he can have “more time to concentrate on the demands made by Gordon's publishing and television commitments”.

Restaurant guide publishers Hardens commented, "When Gordon Ramsay Holdings next asserts that London’s restaurant-goers do not suffer as a result of Gordon’s endless media distractions, remember that it‘s not just the group’s head man who, it seems, is a media person first and a chef second."


June 5, 2009