Maggie & Rose Opening in Chiswick

Family Members Club set to open it's doors in January 2013

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Original family members club Maggie & Rose is a hub of creativity set in a home from home environment. The Maggie & Rose mission is to cultivate creativity amongst children at the youngest stage possible whilst creating a community for like minded parents in stylish, yet warm and nurturing surroundings.

Maggie & Rose has found its super cool, second venue - a 12,500 sq ft development on Chiswick High Road. Maggie & Rose Chiswick will be further enhanced with the addition of the Maggie & Rose Village nursery – awe inspiring, never seen before concept.

Up and coming architect Lou Davies of Box 9, who has previously worked on Gail’s Bakery, Riding House Café and the Soho House Group, has been commissioned to ensure the design of the club is cutting edge cool, yet as comfortable as going to visit a favourite relative.

Maggie & Rose Chiswick will boast:

  • The Maggie & Rose Village Nursery
  • A safe indoor play space and outdoor play garden
  • A family brasserie serving fresh, healthy and delicious food on a daily basis
  • A creative art studio ready for mini Picasso’s
  • A cooking school where children can be taught from just 12 months old
  • A two story Helter Skelter
  • A snug cinema room and children’s reading library
  • An incredible roof terrace with outdoor dining, subject to planning

The Maggie & Rose Village Nursery

This new nursery concept has been designed to replicate a country village where a series of mini houses will make up what would normally be a classroom. These centre around the village green, a uniquely designed indoor play space. The village café will serve all sorts of delicious, wholesome and healthy meals and snacks. The Village also has its own art gallery and village theatre also open for visits and experiences, along with various village vehicles that will deliver post, flowers and collect the rubbish.

This village environment will allow little ones to mimic a real day from going shopping or visiting the theatre, to grabbing some lunch at the village café and is sure to be a home to its little ones, when parents can’t be there. They will feel part of a community, experience responsibility and use their powers of make believe at all times. The adventures are endless; the skills learnt invaluable but most importantly happy memories that last a lifetime for all.

At Maggie & Rose the ethos isn’t to push children in to being educated but to provide them with a warm, stimulating environment where they can follow an innovative timetable. It is essential that the nursery becomes an extension of the family home, somewhere that children feel settled, loved and nurtured in.

September 11, 2012