It's The Tarts That Make Chiswick 'A Little Wilder'

The view of W4 from an east London perspective

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The view of Chiswick from east London according to 'The Curious Eye' is amusing to say the least.

In a recent review, the east enders wrote that the very words 'West London' strike fear into their hearts. Why they should fear the 'Yummy Mummies' of W4 is a wonder!

"It's a world away from the fiercely individualistic, artsy crowd that reside in the east of the city," wrote The Curious Eye before taking a "trip into the heart of the beast" otherwise known as Chiswick.

"At first, things didn't look good. It seemed like the residents of Chiswick like nothing more than to sit in their Fired Earth tiled kitchens, sipping tea from Emma Bridgewater mugs, while deciding which Farrow and Ball colour they should paint the nursery for little Chloe. So far, so conventional."

Indeed The Curious Eye did not like our town at all deeming there to be "nothing more interesting to see than a Cath Kidston apron." Even though we've been called 'too self-satisfied' in the past, Chiswickians will no doubt find this view more than a little harsh.

Thankfully for them, our eastern visitors journey wasn't a complete waste of time for "like manna from heaven" they discovered Outsider Tart and liked what they found calling it a "thoroughly quirky and individual experience".

"Chiswick may not be brimming with crazy characters and creative flourishes, but places like Outsider Tart make the west a little bit wilder."

Clearly they've never spent any time on's forum!

January 15, 2010