Chisou March Offer

Enjoy a 10% discount off lunchtime specials all month

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Chisou is offering a 10% discount off its lunchtime specials in March. Come in and choose from this super menu of Japanese delights:


Sashimi Set Lunch £18.00
An assortment of finest Sashimi of the day.

Sushi Set Lunch £19.00
A selection of sushi including six pieces of nigiri sushi, three pieces inside-out roll and four pieces of Sashimi and an appetiser of the Chefs choice.
(No bowl of rice and pickles)

Tempura Set Lunch £14.50
Deep-fried king prawns, vegetables and fish in a light batter served with Tempura sauce

Tofu steak Set Lunch £14.50
Pan-fried tofu coated in teriyaki sauce served on a hot plate with stir- fried bean sprouts

Chicken Teriyaki Set Lunch £14.80
Grilled chicken coated in Teriyaki sauce.

Beef Teriyaki Set Lunch £23.90
Succulent fillets of beef coated in teriyaki sauce served sizzling on a hot plate with stir-fried bean sprouts topped with garlic chips

Saba / Sake Shioyaki or Teriyaki Set Lunch £14.50
Grilled mackerel or Salmon brushed with teriyaki sauce or lightly salted, daikon and lemon wedge

Saikyo Yaki Set Lunch £18.00
Grilled black cod marinated in miso paste.

Tonkatsu Set Lunch £14.50
Deep fried pork cutlet in breadcrumbs topped with a poached egg.

Una-jyu Set Lunch £20.00
Barbecued eel covered in a sweet Soya sauce on top of streamed rice.

Kaki Fry Set Lunch £16.50
Deep fried rock oysters in panko breadcrumbs.

Wagyu Steak Teriyaki Set Lunch £ 33.00
80g Chilean wagyu rib eye steak pan fried in teriyaki butter sauce served with Shiitake and shimeji mushroom

Chisou`s Special Set Lunch £19.00
Selection of Tempura served accompanied with your choice of Sashimi OR Sushi (No bowl of rice and pickles)


March 2, 2012

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