Chiswick Children Learn How To Manage Their Dough

Clever Wally coaches kids in the science of rising, shaping, saucing and cheesing

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Clever Wally’s Raw Pizza is located at 85 Chiswick High Road, London W4 2EF. Open from 4pm to 10pm on weekdays, 1pm to 10pm Sat and Sun. Free delivery if you call 0208 994 8080. Menu is online at

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Kids love pizza and like it or not, they play with it, too. Given this dual reality, Clever Wally’s Raw Pizza hosted a pizza training lesson for an excited group of local boys.

Willy C (7½), Jacob K (7) and Owen H (6) had been to Clever Wally’s before and thought the whole thing was “pretty cool”, so they were invited back for a dough shaping course, followed by saucing and cheesing. The boys were then free to top their creations with whatever they liked.

Clever Wally’s founder Gregor Sokalski donned his schoolmaster cap to give a chemistry lesson on how yeast makes pizza dough rise which lasted about 20 seconds before the boys’ hands were deep in the dough, shaping up some magnificent bases.

Owen was justifiably proud of his achievement, saying “It’s really cool and they are so yummy. I made some myself!” Jacob was a bit more the romantic. “They are fantastic pizzas. I love them. They’re the best!”

Willy got a bit philosophical when asked what he thought of the afternoon’s dough session:

“Wally's is cool
His pizza's are hot
You can have what you want there
I want the lot!”

Each young man left with a Grand Imperial Pizza Poobah Certificate, undoubtedly becoming the envy of all their friends.

Clever Wally’s makes their artisan dough in the store every day using only organic flour and a 48 hour leavening period, guaranteeing an incredible crust and flavour. They use only fresh herbs and tomato sauce as well as free range chicken, ham and sausage. Baking your pizza at home guarantees a superior product that continues to sway non-pizza eaters and traditional pizza delivery eaters alike.

“Pulling a fresh, hot and crispy hand-shaped pizza from your own oven seems so much more natural than lifting a soggy and lukewarm pizza out of a greasy box,” says Sokalski. “We are really excited with customers’ response and feedback so far, it is great to see this idea take off.”

May 1, 2007