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New Italian to take over Southey's site

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As one restaurant closes, another is preparing to open - albeit incredibly slowly. After an incredibly lenghty programme of refurbishment, the much loved Southey's site will reopen soon as Eco.

With a sister restaurant in Clapham, owner Sami Wasif is bringing his passion for Italian food across the river to Chiswick. Although he's not Italian as one might expect the owner of a pizzeria to be, he is Egyptian.

A regular of Clapham's Eco explains "He has lived in Italy for long enough to absorb plenty of culinary culture and he is not afraid to learn, to experiment and to innovate. He is particularly proud of his wine list, going to enormous lengths to choose wines that match his food. Above all, he offers his guests extraordinary quality for the price."

"I think Sami exhibits that particular Eastern Mediterranean hospitality that translates into a generosity of portions and ingredients without charging the earth. The accent is on simplicity: there are a few hot and cold starters. The pizzas themselves are formidable."

Taking a look at Eco's website affords a preview of the menu which includes:

  • Goat’s cheese, zucchini, aubergine, red pepper, fennel, artichoke & puy lentils
  • Chicken, parma ham, spaghetti, capers, basil oil & rocket salad
  • Grilled squid, king prawns, fresh mussels, cuttlefish, monkfish & swordfish slow cooked
    in a bisque sauce, served over spring onion mash
  • Char-grilled rump steak topped with tender aubergine gratin, beef tomato & basil
  • Classic Italian grilled rump steak topped with fried egg, anchovies & capers

in addition to substantial salads, pizzas, side dishes and desserts.

Eco has a planned opening for 'winter 2007' so watch this space.

November 30, 2007