Alas Poor Elias

Popular place for a doner looks like a goner

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Elias Lebanese Express 31 Turnham Green Terrace


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Aficionados of middle eastern cuisine have been made bereft by the closure of Elias Lebanese Express on Turnham Green Terrace.

The premises has been closed for some time but it was understood that reopening was being considered once some issues concerning the ownership of the business had been resolved.

This gave false hope, and with junk mail piling up on the door mat, other proprietors in the area say that Elias has gone for good. We have been unable to confirm this by calling their number.

Just who was the maker of the best kebab in Chiswick had long been a bitterly divisive issue with many supporting Elias over the long established rival Andy's just 200 metres up the road. Others felt that the specialities of Elias such as the lamb shawarma plus the variety of freshly pressed juices and baklava on offer gave them the edge.

At this stage there is no indication of what sort of outlet will be taking up the lease at this address.

November 23, 2013