The Cold War Comes to Chiswick

Can Fouberts hold out against new competitor?

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The long queues outside Fouberts gelaterie have been a common sight in Chiswick even before the premises were moved to Turnham Green Terrace.

The ice cream was always the most popular bit of the old Fouberts Hotel and so it wasn't a surprise when it was retained when High Road House took over the site.

Now, however, there is a new entrant on the scene with Gelato Mio setting up on Chiswick High Road. The upmarket chain prides itself on being authentically Italian and also sells paninis and coffee.

They have a much more exotic range of flavours than Foubert's including amarena made from sweet black cherries and stracciatella, a milk ice ream with dark chocolate chips. However, at £2.90 for a single scoop they are pitching at a much higher price than Foubert's homemade produce.

A previous attempt to set up on the high road was made over a year or so ago in premises opposite Gelato Mio but that was a much less slick operation. It remains to be seen whether Chiswick locals will stay loyal to the long-established favourite or switch to its new sleeker competitor.

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May 24, 2011