The Secret of Frankie's Success

Knorr Stock Cubes and Tomato Ketchup According to Marco Pierre White

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In a recent interview with, Frankie's co-founder Marco Pierre White revealed the true secrets of his success.

"I buy into simplicity." he explained "Knorr is the best f***ing ingredient in the world, let's not kid ourselves. Knorr chicken cubes? Genius product. Every kitchen should have a packet. The problem is most people don't know how to use it. It's like ketchup: it's a great sauce. Coleman's, Worcester sauce, they've all got their places. It's what you do with them."

Shunning his former Michelin starred world, he said of Frankie's "I want to take good eating to a nation, at a price point, with glamorous surroundings. I'm not in the business of food and wine anymore, that's a thing of the past. I'm in the business of selling fun, selling a night out. Food and wine is a by-product of what we do.

"Life is very short, and we've just got to sit down and enjoy our lives. It's about casual dining. I'm an old-fashioned restaurateur, I love embracing people. I love the table by the door so you get them on the way in and the way out."

So there you have it - Frankie's philosophy from the horse's mouth.

April 27, 2007