Breakfast With Baby at High Road Brasserie

Emma Brophy wonders when she will be saved from her children's leftovers


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High Road House
162 Chiswick High Road
W4 1PR

Tel : 020 8742 7474

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What could be better than a leisurely weekend breakfast? Only two things in my book - the first that it’s shared with those you love and the second it’s made by someone else. I was blessed with both last weekend when my youngest daughter and I breakfasted at High Road Brasserie.

Phoebe, who is almost six and I guess will always be known as 'baby', had excelled at being her amazing self last week. Not an irregular occurrence however you understand but it would have been improper for her exceptional rendition of Old MacDonald in Friday’s school assembly to go unrewarded. Therefore, she and I took ourselves off to the High Road to spend a few hours of the idyllic Saturday morning together.

High Road Brasserie was alive with its usual activity. Tables were occupied by singles with their heads buried happily in the weekend papers, couples doing likewise, a fair few families and those who were clearly seeking hang-over cures.

I’m both delighted and envious of the way my children’s world is filled with such wonder and their innocent observations so entertaining and astute. At five and three quarters Phoebe was spellbound by the coffee machine and its noisy beans, amazed how the baby in its car seat could sleep with all the hustle and bustle going on then announced she hadn’t been offered the colouring pencils and crayons because our waiter “thinks I’m already grown up and don’t do that kind of thing any more.”

We ordered coffee (£2.50), freshly squeezed apple juice (£2.75), smoked salmon and scrambled eggs (£8.00), smoked haddock with a poached egg and hollandaise sauce (£7.00) and wheat free toast (£2.50). High Road House, I believe, is the only place in Chiswick that serves wheat free options on their brunch menu but would be happy to be proved wrong.

I had to agree with Phoebe that the freshly squeezed apple juice did look like ‘sludge’ but she tried it nevertheless and found it much to her liking. She also really enjoyed her smoked salmon and scrambled eggs although it was much too much for her. My smoked haddock was good although it would have been great had it been served as soon as it was ready and not been kept under the lights. Hard yolk aside, I managed to polish off both breakfasts and another coffee before we sat back to enjoy the comings and goings of the brasserie.

One thing I’ve found, and again I would be happy to be proved wrong, is that no where in Chiswick offers a children’s brunch menu. My children love all the pancakes, fruit salad, smoked salmon and scrambled eggs etc but we’re yet to find these offered in smaller portions. Of course the gripe here is not only the cost in financial terms but (being someone who hates waste of any kind) the extra mile I have to run to work off the excess I’ve ingested from all their leftovers!

Cost of breakfast at High Road Brasserie - £28.41 including service. Spending an hour to two with my baby – priceless.


February 20, 2008