A Generous Helping of Feel Good Food

We enjoy comfort on plate at The Hole in the Wall

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Hole in the Wall
2 Sutton Lane North W4 4LD Map
020 8742 7185

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It was a cold damp night, the kind of cold and damp that gets into your bones and makes you feel like you’ll never be warm again.

And to top the weather I was having a bad day for reasons I will not bore anyone with but I was in real need of the kind of comfort only good food and a good friend can provide.

The latter was left in no uncertain terms that her job was to indulge my misery and not, as is her usual tack, to annoyingly point out the countless reasons I have to be happy.

We headed for The Hole In The Wall and installed ourselves at a table by the open fire where we were informed that if we ordered in the next 10 minutes we could avail ourselves of the half price main course offer. Things were looking up.

We both ordered rib eye steak which came accompanied by twice cooked chips and a generous helping of vibrant green curly kale glossy with melted butter.

The steaks were superb, succulent, tasty and cooked just as they had been ordered. I wouldn't go overboard about the chips - not that it stopped me finishing them - but I do feel the kale deserves a special mention, it was delicious.

A glass of Argentinean Malbec and a bottle of sparkling mineral water accompanied our steaks with a Bailey's coffee each to finish in place of dessert.

The bill came to £34 including service which was pleasant and unobtrusive. Even at full price, this was feel good comfort food at its very best.


Emma Brophy


February 17, 2010