The Codfather - Part One of Three

Two takeaways and a restaurant for Turnham Green Terrace

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Although it's unconventional not to mention unfeasible to review a restaurant before it opens, my curiosity about The Codfather couldn't wait.

I was lucky enough to have a sneak preview of what's going on at the corner of Turnham Green Terrace.

The Codfather, set to open in a "few weeks time", will be a traditional fish and chip takeaway "using only the freshest fish" I was assured.

Lara's takeaway, which is on track to open this Easter weekend, will offer the same menu as before only now there are larger, more pleasant surroundings in which to wait.

The upstairs restaurant, accessed from Lara's side, is still work in progress but looks promising. When it opens in a "few weeks time" (said with much eye rolling and eye brow raising in the direction of the builders), it will serve the same Mediterranean menu as before.

Emma Brophy

April 22, 2011