Charged With Giving Moran's Menus a Gastro Makeover

Wayne Dixon brings a fresh approach to the food at Napa Restaurant

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Wayne Dixon was the man charged with giving Moran's menus a gastro makeover a few years back and has undoubtedly done a sterling job. A 'hotel' restaurant is not an easy sell in London unless of course you've got a big name chef over the door and even then it's not foolproof as Mr Ramsay would no doubt tell you.

Although the menu attempts to cater for pretty much every type of visitor be it in the hotel or a local diner, Chef/Patron Wayne’s style of cooking offers traditional favourites with a modern twist. “The emphasis is on the quality and traceability of seasonal produce, in fact, the availability of seasonal produce is the driving force behind the menu,” he explains.

Speaking about his time at Napa he said, "We've really made big positive changes here. I wanted to bring a more relaxed atmosphere to the restaurant which I believe I've done. Food should be enjoyed and I want Napa to be a place where local people feel comfortable to drop in anytime."

He believes that information about produce is key to heightening diners' enjoyment of their meal. "We include a certain amount of information on the menus - in plain English - but it is the waiting staff who are the ones to inform diners in detail about the dishes, the produce and their origins."

He, who enjoys recommeding dishes to diners, explain show his staff will be asked to not only taste the dishes on the menu but also the learn details of the ingredients and a fact or two of the dishes origins, (he tells a great story about how Ceaser salad got its name).

"I've learnt my trade over the decades and built up a large amount of knowledge. I'm passionate about food and I want this to come across to our customers. We have a great motivated team here with a shared vision and who are as excited as I am about the future."

Napa Restaurant is taking part in The Chiswick Restaurant Festival offering a superb Sunday Roast at just £15 for three courses per paying adult AND kids eat FREE! For full details see August's Sunday Lunch Offer.

August 18, 2010