Jackass 'Perfect Gents' on Chiswick Visit

Anarchic stunt crew fail to trash local hotel

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Chiswick Moran Hotel
626 Chiswick High Road
020 8996 5200  or email napa@moranhotels.com

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The Moran Hotel in Chiswick was the lucky host for the Jackass team in London as they stopped over for the premiere of their latest feature length film 'Jackass 2'. Despite a reputation for madcap and painful escapades, the lads proved to be ideal guests.

Jackass is an American television series featuring people performing various dangerous, ridiculous, and self-injuring stunts and pranks. Originally broadcast on MTV the popularity of the show led to a movie which was a box office smash resulting in the inevitable follow up.

The second film has already proved to be a major hit in the States and includes cameos by Luke Wilson, Spike Jonze, cult film director John Waters and Mike Judge of Beavis and Butt-Head fame.

Given their reputation for hard partying and high risk pranks it might be said that it was a brave decision of the new 4 star hotel in Chiswick to host the crew but their stay passed off without any major mishap.

Moran Hotel's Robert Russell said, “Our initial worries that they may get up to typical 'Jackass' antics and skateboard through the lobby, ride the Globe, table surf in Napa, etc, were quickly put to rest when on arrival at the hotel all they wanted was a nice cup of coffee and a Danish.” 

They further impressed Robert throughout their stay as he describes, “For the most part of their stay, the guys from the show proved themselves to be perfect gents. They were very polite and accommodating to all staff and guests of the hotel, signing autographs and posing for photos, etc and we wish them luck with the film when it gets general release later in the month”

There were many reports throughout London of taxis being painted and car rolling by the energetic Jackass team but civilised Chiswick remained unscathed by any such antics. Indeed, an unsubstantiated rumour has it that two of the cast may have picked up some Chiswick fox's behavioural tips as they allegedly urinated on the red carpet leading into the premiere.

November 2, 2006