Rick Stein’s Spanish Christmas

Programme filmed in Chiswick to be on BBC

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A special Spanish Christmas celebration, featuring a meal which was cooked by chef Rick Stein in Chiswick will be shown on BBC 2 next Wednesday, 21st December at 9.00 pm.

Christmas celebrations in Spain last for over a fortnight, and the dishes they prepare are delicious alternatives to the usual Christmas fare of turkey and ham, according to Rick, who was filmed hosting a lunch for Spanish friends at Sam's Brasserie recently.

The menu includes ;

- Clams with Serrano Ham and Oloroso Sherry
- Lamb Stuffed Aubergines with Moorish Spices
- Chicken with Saffron and Pine Nuts
- Orange Caramel Creams.

The Christmas programme is an addition to his popular series set in Spain which was broadcast some months ago.

December 15, 2011