Calm Down Dear - It's Only a Review

Grumpy Winner shows a lack of class at La Trompette

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Clearly put out after having to travel more than 15 minutes to eat, Sunday Times reviewer Michael Winner showed a distinct lack of class and judgement when he visited Devonshire Road's La Trompette recently.

After a journey, made worse by the fact that his driver took the wrong way, the septuagenarian Death Wish Director and face of ESure commercials writes "Eventually we turned left down a neat suburban street and there it was. I wouldn’t say this part of London has become gentrified. More middle classified. Everybody looks like an estate agent or a young mother hoping for better things."

Although he found La Trompette "surprisingly pleasant", he went on to complain about the menu wording, price of a glass of wine and describe two of his three courses as "awful and not very good".

And when it came to paying the £81 bill for his lunch, which one could assume would be on The Sunday Times, he put four £20 notes on the table explaining the underpayment was due to the fact that “I’m not paying by credit card, so you’re saving 4 or 5% commission".

Whilst he is of course entitled to his opinion of Chiswick, the self-satisfied Mr Winner would be hard pressed to find many agreeing with his view of this multi-award winning and highly acclaimed restaurant hotly tipped to receive W4's first Michelin star.

And he would be wise to steer clear of Gordon Ramsay's new venture if it opens in Chiswick. The fiery foul mouthed chef has been quoted as saying "Winner knows nothing about food".

La Trompette have yet to confirm or deny that they were missing any cutlery after Mr Winner's visit....

June 28, 2007