Belmont Pupils Get a Lesson in Gastronomy

From Le Vacherin's Acclaimed Chef Malcolm John

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Year four pupils at Belmont School received a lesson in gastronomy this week when they were visited by Le Vacherin's Malcolm John.

The highly acclaimed chef, who is himself a father of four, delighted the pupils with his demonstrations of fruit salads, home made chocolate ice cream, tart tatin, watermelon smoothie and even got the children eating freshly made pasta with raw broccoli, anchovies and black olives!

He said "It's always fun and interesting working with children, because they are so enthusiastic and quite knowledgeable about the produce, seasons where it comes from.

"Who would of thought that a class of 25 or so children would eat pasta with Anchovies, Broccoli and olives? Just goes to show that if food is presented in a more interactive way them the children are more likely to try different foods.

"Of course I think the favourite was the chocolate ice -cream."

Malcolm also tutored the children on food hygiene, preparation and why it's always best to buy seasonal food and by the end of the session the children knew precisely when the Vacherin cheese season was and the delight of eating freshly cooked white asparagus.

"That was awesome" said one pupil although when asked if he had been inspired to become a chef, he replied "No, it's alot of hard work, but I'd be a taster though!"

Generous to a fault, Malcolm offered the children a £30 voucher for Le Vacherin for the first correct answer out of the hat that told him which months the Vacherin cheese was in season.

With their imagination clearly captured and appetites for fine food whetted, the classroom was cleared in an instant by children anxious to get their pens to paper.


June 21, 2007