Tuesday Evening ‘Catch Up’ Fixture Proves Luckless For Hosts

Amateur Combination Premier Division - Old Minchendenians 0 Old Meadonians 4

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Old Meadonians

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Tuesday evening’s ‘catch up’ fixture for luckless hosts Old Minchendenians, at present one of four clubs who have sufficient games in hand to overtake the temporary league leaders, had them feeling the full effect of the backlash from Old Meadonians’ lifeless performance on Saturday as Meads administered a sound drubbing to the young pretenders to the league title.

This was undoubtedly Meads’ best performance of the season wherein, whilst they worked hard to claim the lion’s share of the ball and to achieve a considerable territorial advantage, the icing on the cake was the relentless alacrity with which they took their chances.

Injuries had enforced a new formation which had experienced striker Colin Hawkins slotted in behind bustling front runners Alex Jones and Alex Smith, in harness for only the second time. This worked perfectly, because Hawkins’ prompting provided plenty of ammo and while neither scored, the two Alexes kept Minchs’ defenders on the back foot and caused something close to mayhem with their direct running and constant closing down of defenders and midfield players.

Meads’ first on fifteen minutes came as a direct result of Smith’s and Jones’ pressuring on the left. The ball broke for Peter Eguae to cross and Ed glover gleefully crashed the ball into the roof of the net. Five minutes later it was two as Jones was fouled thirty yards out and Andy Thompson’s giraffe like neck craned to head in Jack Costello’s freekick.

At this point the hosts took control for a ten minute power play resulting in the ball coming back off the bar, but apart from this Minchs hardly got a look in. The killer blow was delivered by Costello bending a twenty yard freekick round the wall with two minutes to go to half time.

The second half developed into one way traffic with Jack Costello repeating his dose with another twenty yard bender with ten minutes to go. Ed Glover was named MoM for his outstanding all round input.

Team: Greening, Pointer, Palmer, Thompson, Glover, Costello, Gerrish, Eguae, Hawkins, A. Jones, A. Smith, (Quinn).


April 21, 2010