Old Mead's Receive Second Half Baptism of Fire by Hosts

Football Result - CB Hounslow United 3 Old Meadonians 0

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It's All About The Beautiful Game - Old Meadonians' past, present and future

Back in harness as joint coaches to Old Meadonians first team and barely a week into training Paul Rumley and Rory Vermeulen took an experimental patchwork team missing seven regulars to the Tentelow Lane home of Combined Counties CB Hounslow in midweek to be given a second half baptism of fire by hosts with plenty to show for the five weeks they have been at work and the ability to show it.

With four debutants, the reintroduction of centre back Richie Pilcher, returning from a season in the Hellenic League and playing in midfield and a defence with stalwart veterans Dermott Jordan and Dwayne Rhone at its heart Meads were always likely to be under pressure. However after CB showed early penetration to give them two chances in the opening ten minutes Meads took control and with three shots coming back off the woodwork were unlucky to go in at half-time one down from a superb strike seconds from the whistle.

The restart saw the completion of a well known football cliché as CB immediately claimed the ball and kept it and Meads found themselves on the wrong end of a 80-20% share of possession. The hosts, whilst maintaining a charity consistent with the spirit of the game proceeded to take the match by the scruff of the neck and give the visitors a thoroughgoing workout if not a thorough working over.

In seamless display of ‘give and go’ football akin to the smooth movement of mercury they carved their way through Meads’ midfield and, but for Meads’ stubborn last ditch defence and good keeping, would have had a hatful. Perhaps quicksilver would better describe them, as with their yard of extra pace, in one typical movement, the ball was moved in a bewildering and mazy pattern of six wall and reverse passes from halfway to within shooting distance in under ten seconds bringing signs of approval from both technical areas.

CB got their two other goals in the last twenty minutes with passes into the net after the ball had been spread wide and worked along the goal line for classic laybacks.


July 30, 2010