Successful season sees Old Meadonian 's triumph over adversity


Old Mead's linch pin announced A.F.A. Player of the Year

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Old Meadonians

If you feel you would like to be a member of this progressive and friendly club visit their web site

Old Meadonians have every reason to claim that they are currently one of the most successful amateur football clubs in London.

They run ten adult league teams and two junior teams as well as two veteran cup teams.

Last season their first second and third teams all topped their divisions and the fifth team finished second and gained promotion.

The fourth, seventh and eighth teams just missed promotion, being fourth, third and third respectively. In cup competitions the success was more evenly spread throughout the club, although top honours went to the first and second teams who won three cups between them.

A further four teams were beaten finalists and, including the firsts, three other teams lost in semi finals.

For the first team the season was a triumph over adversity as, after drawing five of their first six league games and suffering from prolonged injuries to five senior players who chalked up sixty five absences between them, they overcame an eighteen point mid March deficit with a blistering run in to take the Amateur Football Combination Premiership for a record fourth time.

The team was unbeaten in the league and in two cups and was only beaten in the Amateur Football Alliance Senior Cup on penalties in the semi final and thus were unbeaten in open play all season. They also had the added honour of their central defender and former youth international Alistair McCombe being named as the first ever A.F.A. Player of the Year.

Meads are as keen as ever to maintain the high standards they set themselves and to recruit more players at every level. They start training at Chiswick School at 7pm. On Wednesday 19th July and will welcome all new members with open arms.

July 19, 2006