Old Meadonian 's trounce visitors in pre-season cup tie

Greenland Cup - Old Meadonians 6 Clapham Old Xaverians 1


Old Mead's linch pin announced A.F.A. Player of the Year

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Old Meadonians

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Following the salutary lesson given by West Wickham to the raw experimental team they turned out last week in the pre season Greenland cup, Old Meadonians showed more resolution by starting with seven of their regular squad for their champions league match with a Clapham side from two divisions below.

They have had to suffer the loss of top scorer Albert Adomah to Harrow Borough and midfielder Ryan Russell to CB Hounslow and the retirement of three further members of the squad.

They benefited on Saturday from the availability of last season’s second team top scorers, Leon Smith, up front with striker Colin Hawkins, and brother Dwayne adding considerable pace wide on the right, who are rapidly gaining in experience.

Meads were also able to give a trial to prospective signing Henryk Jakobsson a midfielder from Swedish second division club Slatta.

This all added up to too much for the visitors to Riverside Lands to handle as Hawkins and Leon Smith scored at will to notch a hat trick each. Clapham got their consolation just before halftime as a result of ring rustiness.

Team Greening, Salanson, McCombe, Hanley, Smith D., Pointer, Jakobsson, Rhone, Glover, (Costello), Smith L., Hawkins.

September 8, 2006