Historical win for Chiswick

Rugby result: Grasshoppers 8 Chiswick 13

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Ten years and 64 days on, Chiswick again defeated Grasshoppers in the league, to the great delight of all their fans. It was by no means easy, Grasshoppers’ back division always threatening when given a chance to run. Under the present laws, such opportunities are rife, as the ball is regularly hoofed up field, and the home team managed the hoofing a bit better than Chiswick, who found home hands regularly. A slippery and very bouncy ball added a touch of luck to the proceedings, although that could not be blamed for the Chiswick kick-off bouncing off the back of an eager pursuer, giving Grasshoppers the first advantage.

An early penalty for a tackling infringement gave Tom Duffy a chance from just outside the home ten metre line, but with wind assistance this was no problem for the prolific kicker, and Chiswick were ahead after four minutes. Two minutes later, Grasshoppers were ahead, Chiswick having fluffed the kick-off take, and then missed two tackles as the home outside centre raced through. The kick faded just under the bar. The first of a number of charged down kicks gave Chiswick a half chance, and then Grasshoppers pressure near the goal line made the Chiswick defence work very hard until eventually the whistle came to their aid.

“Hands in the ruck” made its appearance, and Duffy had a kick from one metre into the home half. No problem with distance, but inches left. Another charge down, and another half chance for Chiswick, but the speedy home fly half just thwarted Adie Lewis, both players reaching the ball simultaneously. Twelve metres out, and an erratic Chiswick throw brought out a brilliant catch by Sam Hood. Adie Lewis crashed through the middle, but fell short. Quick recycling and Ben Cheston held off three tacklers before Duffy stepped outside his marker and put Marc Jones in at the corner for a good try. Twenty five minutes in, and Duffy produces a superb conversion.

Duffy got the ball straight back from the kick-off, and made a great break through the middle. Gibson linked well, but eventually the lively ball bounced out of Al Pickering’s hands, and Grasshoppers countered well. Graham Robbings was tackling everywhere, demonstrating why he was man of the match last week, and Chiswick nearly scored again after a charge down was followed up with a cunning fly hack by Keith Luckman. Grasshoppers had a player sin-binned, but Chiswick failed to take advantage of some good possession, and almost conceded a break-away try on the stroke of half time.

Grasshoppers’ scrum half just failed with an early kick at goal, but then succeeded with a much harder one. Chiswick worked their way well into the home 22, but then lost their way, Joubert passing out to an unsupported John Gibson, with Grasshoppers around him in force.

Luckily the referee deemed them all offside, and Duffy added a crucial three points to the Chiswick total. With Nico Fryer back at scrum half and beginning to orchestrate the Chiswick play, but with Grasshoppers having the wind advantage, the final minutes of play were tense, and Tom Adams had to pull off a wonder tackle on a speeding Grasshoppers winger to prevent another home score. Another home kick went just under the bar, and another Chiswick kick was pulled just left, before a final home surge was thwarted by solid Chiswick defence.

Chiswick team :- Donaldson, Joubert, Warrington ( Parmeter ), Hood, Tonkin, Adams, Robbings, Pickering, Thornton ( Fryer ), Luckman, Lewis, Gibson, Cheston, Jones, Duffy

December 8, 2009