Blue Skies Turn Grey as Chiswick Lose Their Way

Rugby result: U.C.S. Old Boys 23 Chiswick 14

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A relatively bright start for Chiswick turned ominously grey like the sky overhead, as a determined UCS pack turned the screw. The home team’s intentions were clear from the off, with both of their props making dents in the Chiswick defence, as the ball was moved swiftly around. More care was needed, however, as the sniping Simon Hallett shot between two home backs, collecting the pass en route , and opening a gap wide enough to deter any pursuit. Tom Duffy converted.

A retreating Chiswick scrum, Luca Vanini under pressure, a quick tapped penalty, and the home left wing is in at the corner. Come back Matt Cooper and please Steph Davies, try not to injure yourself before the next match. No conversion however. Keith Luckman’s attempted flip in the air for a back coming into the line was gratefully plucked by a UCS player. His attempted pass was in turn intercepted by John Gibson, who promptly fell over. Early season stuff.

A long period of UCS pressure ended with another interception try, this time by Duffy, who had got fed up with watching UCS keeping the ball to themselves. He added the points on the dot of twenty minutes.
UCS upped the harassment, especially of Vanini, and Chiswick were having to think fast. Gibson rescued a dodgy situation with a great tackle, but was then deemed offside from a good crosskick by Ben Cheston, finding a tiny bit of space unoccupied by UCS. Further home pressure on the Chiswick pack at a scrum about ten metres out, and the ball squirted out for the UCS scrum half to stroll over for a loudly serenaded try. At the other end Vanini appeared to score a perfectly good try after a charge down, but the referee dissented.

Ten minutes into the second half, UCS, dominating possession, edged in front with a third, unconverted, try, as the rain started. Chiswick chances were becoming fewer and fewer, as UCS got on top, and added a successful penalty kick and a final try. Chiswick did set up a good maul, into the home 22, but could not get the ball out of it. Luckman nearly got an interception, but knocked on. Shane Donaldson came on, and managed to get involved in a couple of passing movements, but Rory Fletcher got an eye injury within moments of his first appearance of the season. The group captain was luckier/unluckier, making a try-saving tackle on his first appearance, and being thwarted by the final whistle as he headed for the try-line. Work to be done before next week.

Chiswick team : Addison (Donaldson), Dibble, Joubert, McCullan, Pickering (Fletcher), Biss, Kelly, Joyce, Vanini, Luckman, Duffy, Hallett, Gibson, Lewis (Townsend), Cheston


September 19, 2011