Post-Valentine’s massacre for Chiswick

Rugby Result - West London 5 Chiswick 27

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A firm pitch and spring-like weather brought forth a frisky performance from the Riverside lads. Chiswick winger Lee Miller was in his element, quick-stepping choreographed passages through a leaden West London defence and inspiring adventurous play in plenty as his hungry team-mates kept running at the home defence.

After seven minutes an immense clearance kick by fly half Keith Luckman set up good position for Chiswick, and after Tom Adams has secured the lineout ball, centre Mark Jones made a powerful break and linked well with Miller in a one-two, Jones getting the touchdown. Luckman’s kick shaved the outside of the post.

Luckman pursued the long-kicking policy, and swift following-up by John Gibson and Adams pressured the home team into conceding a penalty. Luckman slotted this one and Chiswick were on the charge.

The Chiswick mid-field tackling was very solid, and West London could make little headway With Matt Vinden generally controlling the Chiswick lineouts, and also flicking the odd opponents’ lineout ball back into his hands, scrum half Will Ulstein was able to launch his line regularly. It was Vinden who received from a lineout in the home 22 and set up a maul for the next try-scoring move. A simple inside pass from Luckman to Gibson produced a searing run through the home defence, leaving Luckman with a simple conversion kick. Straight afterwards, a lovely grubber kick by Luckman almost allowed Gibson another run through.

The last try of the half was a beauty. It started with full back Adrian Lewis fielding a ball in his 22. He did a short run and then wrapped up three attackers by spinning around before laying the ball back for the scrum half. Ulstein made a break and got the ball to Gibson. Luckman and Jones were then involved before Miller was allowed to do the final sprint for the score. Another simple kick.

The second half was notable for the first appearance of the year of James Oliver, in place of “Tubs” Davies, after Ben Cheston had come on for Roman Zakrevsky. An early break by West London was finally stopped when Miller got a good tackle in on the home centre. The home team kept up the pressure, and from a five metre lineout they set up a good rolling maul from which their No.8 emerged to dive over the line. The kick failed. Chiswick kept attacking at every opportunity, with Gibson always prominent. The policy paid off when Lewis caught a swerving kick in his 22 and set off up the left wing. Marco Chraplewczyk provided inside support, and gave the ball to Luckman. A long miss pass to Cheston gave him room to run at, through and round the defence to touch down in the right corner. No conversion, and no further score, but plenty of entertaining rugby, with all of the Chiswick team making good contributions.

Chiswick team :- Donaldson, Joubert, Davies ( Oliver ), Chraplewczyk, Smith, Adams, Robbings, Vinden, Ulstein, Luckman, Miller, Gibson, Jones, Zakrevsky ( Cheston ), Lewis

February 23, 2007