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Traditional Style Seido Karate at the Arts Ed.

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Chiswick Seido, Room 201
Arts Educational School,
Bath Road, W4

E-mail: seidochiswick@

Classes are available for girls and boys seven years and older and are held on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6:30 to 7:30pm. Parents are welcome to stay and watch, though this is not necessary.

If you would like to enrol your child or children with Chiswick Seido, simply bring them along on a Monday or Wednesday evening. The children's classes are taught by Senpai Robin Dawson, with assistance from other club students.

If you wish to discuss our children's programme in more detail, please ring Robin Dawson on 07946 588179.

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Seido, a traditional style of karate, stresses above all the philosophy of 'Technique before Strength, Spirit before Technique' and aims to build students with a strong spirit and attitude towards karate, and life. The physical training in Seido karate emphasizes four key areas. First and foremost is basic karate technique, the foundation of all karate training, and which is practised by all students in the club. Basics lead into practise of the principles and techniques of self defence, kata (Japanese martial forms), and finally, for more senior students, sparring.

Seido provides a wonderful environment for learning karate. The discipline and etiquette of a Japanese-based martial art creates a serious and respectful atmosphere in the dojo, and yet there is a genuine friendliness between students. If you feel you would like to visit us, please come and join in and give it a go - or simply watch a class if you would like to see what Chiswick Seido is like. We look forward to having you along!

Classes are held at the Chiswick Arts Education School on Mondays (eve), Wednesdays (eve) and Saturdays (am) with Wednesday being the designated beginners night. Students train in bare feet. You should wear loose fitting clothing that will allow you to kick, punch and stretch in.

New members are welcome to train without paying for two or three classes. There is then a beginner's fee of £30. This entitles you to all classes until your first grading to blue belt and includes the grading fee. Alternatively, you can purchase a Beginner's pack for £65 which includes fees, your insurance, a Gi (karate uniform), belt, and Seido patches. The Chiswick Seido Branch is a non-profit making group.

It is believed that Karate offers many benefits for children and can improve their concentration, attitude and self-discipline. Regular gradings provide a motivating factor, as children seek to move up the belt levels. Karate can also provide a different kind of environment from activities such as team sports. Here, the competition is only with the child, and his or her determination to do karate as well as they can.

In addition to the classes, the group also offers a packed social calendar. Saturday 27th March: Black belt candidates and supporters fly to New York

March 11, 2004