How can each of us enter more deeply into our relationship with God this Lent?

We invite you to participate, as much as you are able in the following activities in the Parish during Lent.

Stations of the Cross
This traditional devotion will take place each Wednesday during Lent at 6.30pm, commencing on 16th March.

Praying the Scriptures
‘Lectio Divina’ is a traditional devotion in the Church, originating in the monasteries, whereby time is given to reading, reflecting and praying over God’s Word. Each week during Lent there will be an opportunity to read and reflect on the Gospel for the following Sunday. The sessions will last for about an hour, and will begin on ednesday 16th March at 7.30pm in the St Edward’s Room.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation & Penitential Service
Recently, there has been a renewed interest in how and why we celebrate reconciliation (confession). This Lent we are very pleased to welcome Bishop John Arnold to help us explore this important sacrament further. Bishop John will come to the parish on Sunday 13 March when he will preach at all the Masses. In addition he will give a further talk on Reconciliation in church on Wednesday 16 March at 7.30pm followed by an opportunity for open discussion and questions. Finally, Bishop John will preside and preach at the Lenten Penitential Service on Wednesday 13 April at 7.30pm. This is an important and special opportunity for each of us to be reconciled with the Lord and each other before Easter.

Faith Sharing Programme: “Faithful Pilgrim”
The faith-sharing programme taking place throughout the Diocese is entitled ‘Faithful Pilgrim.’ Small groups will be meeting for six weeks to reflect together on some of the themes that Pope Benedict addressed during his visit to the UK last September. If you would like to join a group please contact the Parish Office. Alternatively you can follow the programme by purchasing one of the booklets which contain a daily scripture reading, reflection and prayer. Booklets cost £1.50 and are available in church.

Our Lenten Charitable Project
Our Lenten Project this year will be supporting the charity ‘Hope for Children’. The charity are asking us to help 400 children in Sri Lanka aged between 2 and 25 who have a variety of disabilities including autism, missing limbs, blindness, muscular dystrophy, cerebal palsy and many others. They provide a variety of services such as school, pre-school, and vocational training.

These children have been very badly affected by the recent floods. We are hoping to raise £25,000 which will:
• provide support that covers the children’s immediate needs of food and light.
• Provide skills training to these families’ skills such as smallhold farming, small scale manufacture ie candle making for which there is already a market.
• Supply materials to beneficiaries to replace those lost in the floods to help the families earn a living.
• Help with land reclamation and building repair.

For further information please see the display at the back of the church. Donations can be placed in the ‘World Hungry’ box. If you wish to ‘gift-aid’ your contribution please use one of the ‘Lenten Project’ envelopes and return it to the Presbytery.

Mary Lally

The Recently Deceased:
Rose Foley (Funeral at St. Vincent De Paul, Osterley on Friday 22nd Dec. 10am, Reception into Church Thursday 21st Dec. 6.00pm.)

Those whose Anniversaries occur at this time:
Ernest Neal, Peter Collinson, Elizabeth Sinn, Margaret & Peter Boyle, Mary & John Reynolds, Manuel Luis Pires, Jose Pires Goncalves, Agatha Fraser, Alwyn Alfred, Mary Joyce, Maria Beschizza, Patsy Sweeney, Maria Amelia Martin, Sidney Martin, Michael McAffee, Mary Travers Alfred, Percival Benjamin Alfred, Mary Theresa Molloy, John Deverell, Roger King, Brian Neville, Patrick Joseph Tierney