Joseph a triumph for local choir

Stunning debut performance at Catholic Parish Centre

The children's Catholic Parishes Church Choir put on a magnificent amateur production of this modern classic. The ambitious show was delivered with charm and exuberance by the young players, aged between seven and ten.

No offence to the many children's assemblies we all attend in support of our children, but this was much more than the usual school production with a few more knobs and whistles.

Parents of the young players must have felt justly proud at seeing the performances nurtured out of their children by local Chiswick mum Clare Delmar Lynch, who set up the choir last year.

I brought three boys along with me and it captured their attention as much as the grown ups - which is a feat in itself, usually only achieved with the addition of Matrix-type special effects. The whole cast was a formidable team, their voices were uplifting and their acting was charming.

It was particularly good to see the blossoming confidence of the (previously) shy children. They stole our hearts. The Catholic Centre has never looked so good or been so much fun.

A thoroughly enjoyable community evening for all the family, with all proceeds going to local parish projects and the choir’s future performances.

It is hoped that the children will be on tour next year and if anyone is interested in sponsoring this or would like to know more about the Choir and Joseph please contact her directly on 07980 565818


Annie Garfoot

July 15, 2003

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