Music At Our Lady of Grace & St Edward


Music has always played an important part in the life of the parish. At Chiswick there has been a fine tradition of music making of a high standard over a number of years. This underpins our core purpose - of providing an inspiring musical dimension to worship. In our ever increasingly busy lives, music can often be very useful in illuminating those elements of our human feelings and spirituality that are fleeting, complex and difficult to understand. Music can help people to symbolically articulate their response to an experience or an emotion and to share their observations with others.

The range of musical styles throughout the various masses is impressive. Here listed below, is a ‘flavour’ of the range of worship styles available at the various masses.

6.30pm (Saturday Vigil)
On the second Saturday of each month the Chiswick Catholic Parishes Children’s Choir who have performed such works as Joseph, Godspell and Jonah Man Jazz accompanies this mass.

9.45am (Family)
The worship here is led by a group of instrumentalists and singers called “On a Wing and a Prayer”. Here the emphasis is on informal music making which makes good use of ‘call and response’ songs, which are easy to learn. The group also incorporates the many children who attend this service by providing them with lively arrangements to perform on un-tuned percussion.

11.00am (Sung)
This Mass is fully choral and is led by a mixed choir of about 25 adult voices. Here the worship focuses on the fine tradition of Catholic music ranging from sixteenth and seventeenth century motets in Latin through the fully choral masses of Haydn and Mozart to contemporary composers of the 20th and 21st centuries.

The choir rehearses each Sunday between 9.00 –10.45am during term-time. Here the concept of education and personal development and improvement can be seen in action. Through carefully chosen technical exercises to improve voice production and challenging repertoire has led to very high standards of performance in recent years.

The choir also provides music for the major feasts, funerals and weddings. Social events and activities form an important dimension to choir membership.

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