This is a concise description of each sacrament.  Further details can be found either in the Parish Handbook (available from the Repository) or from Fr Jim, Fr Michael or Veronica Fulton.



Parents of children to be baptised are asked to profess their faith and to accept the responsibility of introducing the child to the Christian way of life.  This presumes an active faith life and regular participation in Sunday Eucharist.  Parents are asked to attend a baptism preparation class dates for which are announced in the newsletter. 


A registration form can be found at the back of the church or is available from the Parish Office.


First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion

The First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion programme includes 10 preparation sessions for the children which are held at 11.00am on Sundays at the Parish Centre.  Parents will be involved in their child’s preparation by attending three evening sessions.  This year's sessions will begin on Sunday 13th November 2005.  If you have not already registered your child, please contact the Parish Office.



The course of preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation includes:

  • six sessions for the candidates
  • an Away Day
  • a Mass of commitment
  • community work and some fun


Candidates are expected to be fully committed to this course in order to be prepared properly for the Sacrament of Confirmation.   They should attend the whole course and should do some community work to show their commitment. 


The Confirmation sessions being on Saturday 25th February 2006.  The Away Day is usually at the beginning of the summer term and Confirmation will be celebrated on Saturday 6th May 2006.  If you have not already registered your child, please contact the Parish Office.





As a couple who are intending to undertake the sacrament of marriage, you are required to give notice of intention to marry in the Parish to the Parish Priest at least six months prior to the date of the marriage ceremony.  This will enable the necessary paperwork to be collected and completed.


Registration forms can be obtained from the Parish Office.



Last Rites

Contact the Duty Priest via Parish Office.  An emergency telephone number will be given on the answer phone recording if you need to contact a Priest out of hours.




The R.C.I.A is a course for people who want to know more about the Catholic faith.  This course is open to Catholics and non-Catholics alike.  In this Parish, we have meetings on the first Monday of each month from the beginning of September.


Registration forms can be found at the back of the Church or in the Parish Office, which will help you with the registration for these sessions.



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