Union of Catholic Mothers

The Union of Catholic Mothers was started in 1913 primarily to support the bringing up of our children as good Catholics and to extend a helping hand to those in difficulty. It has been running in our Parish for almost 50 years and is presently undergoing some exciting changes.

The current President of the Union, Peggy Cahill and the rest of the Union's older members are very happy to see an influx of new younger mothers. The new members wanted to feel more involved within the Parish, whilst having a reason to get together with other mothers. The newly enlarged U.C.M. will continue with all its existing activities such as holding fund raising events for charity and will invite speakers to it's regular meetings on subjects such as first aid, nutrition. Other activities will include wine tasting evenings and welcome coffee mornings for new families of the Parish.

The U.C.M will meet on Monday evenings at 8.00pm upstairs in the parish center at least once a month. Any Catholic Mother of any age will be warmly welcomed to the group. Should you wish for any further information, Peggy Cahill or Alli Bradbury are happy to be contacted via the presbytery.

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