Distraction Burglary is a type of burglary whereby entry is gained to a premises by trick rather than force. It is typically used against the elderly although it can be used against anyone. Suspects often pose as utility company employees especially purporting to work from the 'Water Board'. They may also pose as social workers, council employees or police officers. The suspects may be male, female or children.

Consider the following points;

Always be on your guard when answering your door to an unexpected caller.

Genuine officials will almost always attend by appointment only. Cold callers should be able to provide photo identification and a known telephone number to check their identity.

If in doubt, DON'T let them in.

Always put on the door chain or bar prior to opening the front door. Check to see who is there via a door viewer or front window.

In cases of emergency, Utility workers do not need to get into your property in order to turn the water off. This can be done in the street.

Children asking to get their ball back should be made to wait on the doorstep with the door closed while you investigate.


  • It is not a good idea to buy goods or services at your front door.
  • If you needed to buy fish, tea towels or have your driveway repaired, you would have done it already.
  • Carpet sold at your front door could be expensive and poor quality
  • Children seeking sponsorship should not call at homes where they are not known.
  • There are numerous other cons, which are often posted to the forum.


If it seems too good to be true, it is probably a CON

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