Hounslow Police Newsletter

Chiswick Sector Update Issue 1- August 2005

Welcome to the first Newsletter telling you what’s happening in your area, local police objectives and results and how you can contribute by working in partnership.

Tim Smith - Chiswick Sector Inspector

Introduction to the Team

I am the Inspector responsible for Chiswick. I have a dedicated Sector team who are committed to tackling community issues. The officers are:

Sergeant Mick Mills;

PC Sharon Wakeford (Turnham Green Ward);

PC Nina Hill (Chiswick Homefield Ward);

PC Simon Sparkes (Chiswick Riverside Ward);

PC Paul Whitehouse (Sector Intelligence Officer);

PC John Lane (Safer Schools Partnership).

Police Community Support Officers :

PCSO Ike Ebosie

PCSO Jamie Williams

PCSO Joseph Noel

PCSO Leanne Trowles


Over this current financial year I am tasked with delivering performance around the following key areas:

1. Community Engagement – publishing information, websites and new members to join community meetings

2. Ringmaster – increasing membership and promotion of it.

3. Truancy patrols – local initiatives with education welfare officers.

4. Graffiti campaign – areas identified and cleaned with the local authority.

5. Burglary – target hardening of retail premises

6. Motor Vehicle Crime – crime prevention measure including publicity campaign and media.

7. Street Crime – personal safety presentations and use of CCTV.

8. Safer Routes to Schools – crime prevention/safety talks to students

News Story

PC Nina Hill is the community officer for the Homefield Ward in Chiswick. Like the rest of Chiswick, the main area of concern on her beat is the high level of motor vehicle crime. This was recently highlighted in April when there were several reports of theft from motor vehicles, in a car park at a local club. PC Hill patrolled the car park during the vulnerable times. Mobile phones and valuables could be seen in full view, so crime prevention leaflets were handed out. The owners of the vehicles were quickly traced, some being called out of their work-out sessions in order to move their belongings. Those who could not be found were written to. PC Hill says “Although my main aim is to catch the offenders, I believe it is important for the venue and the victims to also take some ownership of the problem ”.

Since Pc Hill attended there have been no further reported incidents of car crime. Following this success further areas of Chiswick have been identified and will be actively targeted from a crime perspective, i.e. leaflets, deployment of ‘Talking Signs’ informing the public to lock their vehicles and writing to car owners when valuables are seen inside.

Crime comparisons for April/June ’05 (compared to same quarter last year)

  • Cycle thefts at Chiswick Community School 100% reduction
  • Cycle thefts across Sector – 16% reduction
  • Street Crime across Sector – 24% reduction
  • Street Crime at Turnham Green Underground Station – 16% reduction
  • Theft from motor vehicles – 5% reduction
  • Young people under 17 committing crime across the sector – 38% reduction
  • Non-residential burglary – 36% increase – I need your help.

Local Arrests and News

In direct response to the rise in reported snatches of mobile phones, Chiswick police have mounted a two week operation to detect these crimes and deter those committing them. The operation will run from 22nd. August until the 2nd. September and will target specific areas at specific times. There will be a high visibility uniform presence (a minimum of six officers) on a daily basis, supported by plain clothed officers. The early indications are that the crimes are being committed by teenagers using pedal cycles to enter Chiswick, commit a crime then leave. Identities of these youths are being collated and it would appear the vast majority live in Acton and Hammersmith. Leading up to the operation, we were receiving roughly one report a day of a mobile phone snatch. I am convinced that this operation will contribute greatly to reducing crime and the fear of crime in Chiswick.

A youth has been identified and arrested following a spate of robbery offences in and around the High Road. On the majority of occasions a mobile ‘phone was stolen out of the victim’s hand. The youth has been charge and remanded into the care of the local authority.

CCTV would appear to be deterring criminal activity around Turnham Green Underground Station. Reported crime is down and whilst the odd crime has taken place there are clear images now downloaded awaiting identification of offenders.

Forthcoming Public Meetings

  • Community and Police Consultative Group at 7pm on 19 th September. Venue awaits
  • Chiswick Area Committee meeting at 7.30pm on 21 st September at Hogarth Hall in Chiswick Town Hall.
  • Chiswick Town Centre Group/Stakeholders meeting on 14 th September at Woolworth’s in Chiswick High Road at 10am.

Please make every effort to attend this one – it is only held every other month, lasts two hours and gives you an opportunity to speak to me about local issues and hear about what is being done in your area.

July-September Activities

In September with Chiswick Community School, all pupils will be given an opportunity to bring their mobile phones into school to have them property marked. Police will also compile a database of al the EMEI numbers. Additionally pupils will be encouraged to text local police with information.

There will also be a truancy initiative around Chiswick and a Safer Routes to school initiative. Additionally there will be a new secure cycle rack relocated within Chiswick Community School with a view to reducing thefts of pupils cycles.

Throughout August there will be a motor vehicle crime initiative.


Do you know about crime trends in your area?


Well 8,000 other people do.


By ringing 020 82476443 to join to obtain a free messaging scheme which passes on information from Hounslow Borough to the public. The messages concern local crime trends (plus advice), appeals for witnesses/info, scams, conmen in the area etc.

How are they transmitted?

By recorded phone message/fax/e-mail.

If you are out when the phone rings to deliver a message it will try again later, or leave a message on an answephone.

Ringmaster will phone at a time that suits YOU.

Chiswick Contacts

Chiswick Sector Inspector - 020 8247 6400

Chiswick Sector Office (with Answerphone) - 020 8247 6414/5

Crime Prevention Officer - 020 8247 6424

CrimeStoppers - 0800 555 111

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