Wind Turbines Cause Turbulence Amongst Residents

Chiswick Business Park applies for permission to erect eco-energy generators

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Details of the planning application can be found at here

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Plans to erect two wind turbines on the roof of Chiswick Business Park’s Building 5 have not pleased all residents who live nearby.

One local homeowner said “My objection is that wind turbines are noisy, there is absolutely no evidence that they are a real ecological saving, they are ugly and not the sort of thing one should install in a densely populated area.”

However, Hounslow Council’s planning department refute claims that the proposed wind turbines will disturb residents’ peace stating “The wind turbines are proposed to the roof of Building 5 close to the underground line and the Acton compound.”

The eco-initiative, notably adopted by David Cameron, has received negative press of late with energy experts revealing that such wind turbines may not generate enough electricity to power a light bulb. The major study into wind power revealed that a wind turbine may take 15 years to generate enough "clean energy" to compensate for its manufacture.

The Tory leader spent £3,000 on the turbine which was mounted on the roof of his west London home. The turbine later had to be removed, reportedly because the builders had installed it wrongly.

January 25, 2008