Chiswick Property Sales - August 2005

Quiet month raises concerns for agents

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The Land Registry have released the prices of properties which changed hands during August in Chiswick. Not surprisingly there were relatively few properties changing hands during the month due to the summer holidays.

Three properties has topped the million pound mark r in the month, including a sale of a house on Abinger Road and another one in Mayfield Avenue for £1.1 million by Faron Sutaria.

Volumes are expected to recover into the autumn but if they don't it could be a very tough year for some agents who are struggling to cope with the lower amount of transactions.

Full details of property price trends are in our report on the property market to June 2005. This shows a 16.6% increase in prices over the last year which has brought the average price to an all-time high.

The figures below are from the Land Registry for homes that changed hands during August 2005. There may be further sales to be added to this list as information comes through.

Full Address Date
31-Aug-05 49b, Esmond Road W4 1JG
31-Aug-05 9, Mayfield Avenue W4 1PN
31-Aug-05 89, Edensor Gardens W4 2RB
31-Aug-05 Nicholas Court, Flat 8, Corney Reach Way W4 2TS
31-Aug-05 43, Flat 5, Grove Park Road W4 3RU
31-Aug-05 21, Chiswick Quay W4 3UR
31-Aug-05 Gainsborough Court, 13, Chaseley Drive W4 4BD
31-Aug-05 130, Barrowgate Road W4 4QP
31-Aug-05 5, Church Path W4 5BL
31-Aug-05 49, Priory Road W4 5JA
30-Aug-05 51, Thornton Avenue W4 1QF
30-Aug-05 3, Dartmouth Place W4 2RH
30-Aug-05 1, Chatsworth Road W4 3HY
26-Aug-05 6, Saltcoats Road W4 1AR
26-Aug-05 129, Staveley Gardens W4 2SF
26-Aug-05 88, Chiswick Village W4 3BZ
26-Aug-05 Montgomery Court, 72, St Thomas Road W4 3LA
26-Aug-05 64, Magnolia Road W4 3QZ
25-Aug-05 13, Beverley Road W4 2LL
25-Aug-05 72a, Beaumont Road W4 5AP
25-Aug-05 1, Reynolds Road W4 5AR
25-Aug-05 37, Antrobus Road W4 5HY
24-Aug-05 15, Whellock Road W4 1DY
24-Aug-05 6, Cleveland Avenue W4 1SN
23-Aug-05 16, The Grange W4 4DE
23-Aug-05 51, Priory Road W4 5JA
22-Aug-05 15, Devonshire Mews W4 2HA
22-Aug-05 48, Hartington Road W4 3TX
22-Aug-05 8, Watchfield Court W4 4NB
19-Aug-05 Flanders Mansions, Flat 7, Flanders Road W4 1NE
19-Aug-05 41, Dale Street W4 2BY
19-Aug-05 2a, Devonshire Road W4 2HD
19-Aug-05 539, Chiswick High Road W4 3AY
19-Aug-05 38, Graham Road W4 5DR
19-Aug-05 36, Kingswood Road W4 5ET
18-Aug-05 98, Cranbrook Road W4 2LJ
18-Aug-05 58, Paxton Road W4 2QX
18-Aug-05 Monet House, Flat 1, Pumping Station Road W4 2SL
18-Aug-05 32, Watchfield Court W4 4NB
17-Aug-05 17, Esmond Gardens W4 1JT
17-Aug-05 16, Arnott Close W4 1NY
17-Aug-05 64d, Sutton Court Road W4 3EG
17-Aug-05 14, Flat 2, Arlington Gardens W4 4EY
16-Aug-05 25, Rusthall Avenue W4 1BW
16-Aug-05 37, Ennismore Avenue W4 1SE
16-Aug-05 24, Pyrmont Road W4 3NR
15-Aug-05 18a, Bolton Road W4 3TB
12-Aug-05 164, Southfield Road W4 1BA
12-Aug-05 3, White Swan Mews W4 2AU
12-Aug-05 55, Oxford Gardens W4 3BN
12-Aug-05 Churchdale Court, 27, Harvard Road W4 4EE
10-Aug-05 15, Flat 3, Ennismore Avenue W4 1SE
10-Aug-05 Churchdale Court, 6, Harvard Road W4 4EE
10-Aug-05 11, Bridgman Road W4 5BA
10-Aug-05 72, Weston Road W4 5NJ
08-Aug-05 41b, British Grove South W4 2PU
08-Aug-05 19, Barrowgate Road W4 4QX
08-Aug-05 20, Bridgman Road W4 5BD
08-Aug-05 90, Rothschild Road W4 5NS
05-Aug-05 Rusthall Mansions, Flat 48, South Parade W4 1JR
05-Aug-05 214, Flat 16, Chiswick High Road W4 1PD
05-Aug-05 21 Homecross House, Flat 91, Fishers Lane W4 1YB
05-Aug-05 80, Paxton Road W4 2QX
05-Aug-05 98, Thames Road W4 3RE
05-Aug-05 54, Priory Road W4 5JA
05-Aug-05 15, Temple Road W4 5NW
04-Aug-05 48, Berrymede Road W4 5JD
03-Aug-05 56, Eastbury Grove W4 2JU
03-Aug-05 8, Airedale Avenue W4 2NW
03-Aug-05 9, Langham Place W4 2QL
03-Aug-05 Belgrave Court, Flat 1, Wellesley Road W4 4LG
02-Aug-05 76, Abinger Road W4 1EX
02-Aug-05 88, Bollo Lane W4 5LX

Source: Land Registry

October 6, 2005