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Average W4 home price tops £600,000 in last 2 months

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Property sales in July 2006

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The latest published transactions in the local property market seemed to indicate that home values in the area are continuing to rise.

The table below shows the details of individual property transactions in the Chiswick area most recently reported to the Land Registry.

The average price for a property in Chiswick during February was £581,076 and if you include the transactions for March the average rises to over £600,000. This compares to an average of £518,730 for the fourth quarter of 2006 and £519,242 for January 2007.

However, it should be noted that at this stage not all of the transactions for February and March will have been published by the Land Registry and it could be that the numbers are being distorted by a small number of high value sales. When more data is available at the beginning of May this site will publish its quarterly property report in the weekly newsletter. By this time a clearer picture of the market would be emerging but the early indications are that interest rate rises have failed to slow the increase in prices in this part of the world.

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Full details of property price trends are in our report on the property market to December 2006.

28-Feb-07 1, Huntingdon Gardens W4 3HX
28-Feb-07 107, Sutton Court W4 3EE
28-Feb-07 54, Blandford Road W4 1EA
28-Feb-07 10, Anstice Close W4 2RJ
28-Feb-07 36, Crofton Avenue W4 3EW
28-Feb-07 13, Windrush Close W4 3TQ
27-Feb-07 92, Esmond Road W4 1JF
26-Feb-07 229, Wilkinson Way W4 5XL
23-Feb-07 2, Priory Road W4 5JB
23-Feb-07 40, Stile Hall Gardens W4 3BU
23-Feb-07 24, Whitehall Park Road W4 3NE
23-Feb-07 8, The Grange W4 4DE
23-Feb-07 105, Strand On The Green W4 3NQ
23-Feb-07 36 Belgrave Lodge, 8, Wellesley Road W4 4BN
23-Feb-07 74, Grove Park Road W4 3QA
23-Feb-07 30 Heston House, 12, Wellesley Road W4 4BN
23-Feb-07 54, South Parade W4 5LH
21-Feb-07 20, Merton Avenue W4 1TA
21-Feb-07 58, Oxford Road South W4 3DB
19-Feb-07 17, Flat 3, Fauconberg Road W4 3JZ
16-Feb-07 441, Chiswick High Road W4 4AU
16-Feb-07 21, Lattimer Place W4 2UD
16-Feb-07 Fauconberg Court, 10, Fauconberg Road W4 3JQ
16-Feb-07 56, Flat 3, Chiswick Lane W4 2JQ
16-Feb-07 Oast Lodge, Flat 6, Corney Reach Way W4 2TN
16-Feb-07 33, St Albans Avenue W4 5LL
14-Feb-07 33c, Saville Road W4 5HG
14-Feb-07 150, Staveley Gardens W4 2SQ
14-Feb-07 Nicholas Court, Flat 11, Corney Reach Way W4 2TS
12-Feb-07 33, Clement Close W4 5ST
09-Feb-07 9, Marlborough Crescent W4 1HE
09-Feb-07 11, Chiswick Staithe W4 3TP
09-Feb-07 32, Ivy Crescent W4 5NG
09-Feb-07 25, Anstice Close W4 2RJ
09-Feb-07 22, Marlborough Crescent W4 1HQ
09-Feb-07 21, Fletcher Road W4 5AT
08-Feb-07 60, Somerset Road W4 5DN
08-Feb-07 11, Flat 2, Ennismore Avenue W4 1SE
08-Feb-07 17, Weston Road W4 5NL
08-Feb-07 Twixham, Grosvenor Road W4 4EJ
08-Feb-07 67, Park Road W4 3EY
08-Feb-07 Flanders Mansions, Flat 18, Flanders Road W4 1NE
08-Feb-07 Oast Lodge, Flat 8, Corney Reach Way W4 2TN
07-Feb-07 20, Oliver Close W4 3RL
06-Feb-07 153a, Southfield Road W4 5LB
06-Feb-07 5a, Turnham Green Terrace W4 1RG
02-Feb-07 31, Flat 2, Berrymede Road W4 5JE
02-Feb-07 21, Flat 1, Gordon Road W4 3LJ
02-Feb-07 5, Park Road North W4 4QE
02-Feb-07 86, Alexandra Gardens W4 2RZ
02-Feb-07 2, Manor Gardens W4 2JL
02-Feb-07 3, Elmwood Road W4 3DY
02-Feb-07 7, Herbert Gardens W4 3RD
02-Feb-07 33, Brookfield Road W4 1DE
02-Feb-07 8a, Fauconberg Road W4 3JY
01-Feb-07 23, Staveley Gardens W4 2SA
01-Feb-07 42, Blandford Road W4 1DX
01-Feb-07 38, Cunnington Street W4 5EN


Property sales in January 2007

Property sales in December 2006

Property sales in November 2006

If you are a member of the site who has recently moved into one of these properties and do not wish to have the details displayed here just let us know and we will remove them.

Source: Land Registry

May 6, 2008