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Expectations of a fall in Chiswick property have been continually confounded over the past few years but increased financial market uncertainty has given encouragement to the doom sayers.

Earlier this month reported how the average Chiswick property had soared through the £600,000 barrier to new record highs. However new more detailed figures are out which may suggest that the market has already started to peak.

The latest detailed sales figures from the Land Registry show that Chiswick property prices averaged only £564,679 in September.

Stephen Rodgers of local Independent Financial Advisers Berkeley Consultants commented "It was to be expected that after a boom period for Chiswick property within the first half of the year that a slowdown was inevitable.

"Although negativity within the financial markets is making first time buyers think twice, the purchase market beyond one million pounds has never been better. The confidence index is still very bullish for our higher net worth clients who have experienced this type of market before. Indeed some are capitalising from it."

Although month to month variations can be wide this will lead some to conclude that issues such as the problems with Northern Rock, rising oil prices and the situtation with sub-prime mortgages in the US are starting to impact prices.

On the other hand Chiswick property is hardly in free-fall. September saw 6 properties in the are change hands for over £1,000,000 and October has already seen one of the highest ever value transactions in W4 with the sale of a home in Marlborough Crescent for £2,900,000.

The table below shows the details of individual property transactions in the Chiswick area most recently reported to the Land Registry.

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Date  Address
28-Sep-07 19, Flanders Road W4 1NQ
28-Sep-07 52, Cleveland Avenue W4 1SW
28-Sep-07 44, Wilton Avenue W4 2HY
28-Sep-07 42e, British Grove South W4 2PU
28-Sep-07 102, Sutton Court Road W4 3EQ
28-Sep-07 532, Flat 2, Chiswick High Road W4 5RG
27-Sep-07 116, Staveley Gardens W4 2SF
26-Sep-07 Burlington Court, Flat 5a, Spencer Road W4 3SY
25-Sep-07 103, Duke Road W4 2BX
25-Sep-07 25, Berrymede Road W4 5JE
24-Sep-07 Wellington Place, 5, Dolman Road W4 5PS
21-Sep-07 6, Lonsdale Road W4 1ND
21-Sep-07 Flanders Mansions, Flat 34, Flanders Road W4 1NF
21-Sep-07 1c, Flat 3, Elliott Road W4 1PF
21-Sep-07 49, Flat C, Linden Gardens W4 2EH
21-Sep-07 9a, Ashbourne Grove W4 2JH
21-Sep-07 72, Paxton Road W4 2QX
21-Sep-07 75, Wellesley Road W4 3AT
21-Sep-07 164, Chiswick Village W4 3DG
21-Sep-07 14, Arlington Gardens W4 4EY
21-Sep-07 Arlington Park Mansions, Flat 26, Sutton Lane North W4 4HE
21-Sep-07 44, Flat 3, Acton Lane W4 5ED
21-Sep-07 41, Berrymede Road W4 5JE
21-Sep-07 44 66 Dewsbury Court, Flat 62, Chiswick Road W4 5RA
20-Sep-07 55, Fielding Road W4 1HP
20-Sep-07 13, Ennismore Avenue W4 1SE
20-Sep-07 6, Short Road W4 2QU
20-Sep-07 50, Elmwood Road W4 3DZ
20-Sep-07 9, Magnolia Road W4 3QY
20-Sep-07 21, Flat 3a, Bolton Road W4 3TE
19-Sep-07 13, Gainsborough Road W4 1NJ
19-Sep-07 Hartington Court, 32, Hartington Road W4 3TT
19-Sep-07 299, Chiswick High Road W4 4HH
18-Sep-07 59, Park Road W4 3EY
18-Sep-07 95, Wilkinson Way W4 5XF
17-Sep-07 Montgomery Court, 40, St Thomas Road W4 3LF
17-Sep-07 22, Watchfield Court W4 4NB
17-Sep-07 3, Temple Road W4 5NW
17-Sep-07 32, Temple Road W4 5NW
17-Sep-07 211, Wilkinson Way W4 5XL
14-Sep-07 55, Ravensmede Way W4 1TF
14-Sep-07 98, Cranbrook Road W4 2LJ
14-Sep-07 52, Staveley Gardens W4 2SA
14-Sep-07 55, Park Road W4 3EY
14-Sep-07 7, Gordon Road W4 3LU
14-Sep-07 16, Cavendish Road W4 3UH
14-Sep-07 2, Saville Road W4 5HQ
14-Sep-07 171b, St Albans Avenue W4 5JT
14-Sep-07 28, Chiswick Road W4 5RB
13-Sep-07 16, South Parade W4 1JU
12-Sep-07 236, Chiswick Village W4 3DF
12-Sep-07 22, Riverview Road W4 3QH
11-Sep-07 32, Flat B, Balfern Grove W4 2JX
11-Sep-07 62, Oxford Road South W4 3DB
11-Sep-07 74, Flat B, Silver Crescent W4 5SE
10-Sep-07 9, Lattimer Place W4 2UD
10-Sep-07 83, Wellesley Road W4 3AT
10-Sep-07 6, Magnolia Wharf W4 3NY
10-Sep-07 1, Flat 4, Burlington Gardens W4 4LT
07-Sep-07 4, Eridge Road W4 1BH
07-Sep-07 15, Lattimer Place W4 2UD
07-Sep-07 57, Sutton Court W4 3JE
07-Sep-07 145, Watchfield Court W4 4NE
07-Sep-07 44, Beaumont Road W4 5AP
07-Sep-07 58, Bollo Lane W4 5LT
07-Sep-07 9, Bridge Street W4 5UF
06-Sep-07 49, Dukes Avenue W4 2AG
05-Sep-07 34, Montgomery Road W4 5LZ
05-Sep-07 44 66 Dewsbury Court, Flat 49, Chiswick Road W4 5RA
04-Sep-07 31, Duke Road W4 2BA
04-Sep-07 48b, Devonshire Road W4 2HB
04-Sep-07 26, Eastbury Grove W4 2JZ
04-Sep-07 21, Loraine Road W4 3QT
04-Sep-07 42, Flat 3, Barrowgate Road W4 4QY
04-Sep-07 1 Chiswick Green Studios, Flat 81, Evershed Walk W4 5BW
03-Sep-07 39, Cranbrook Road W4 2LH


Property sales in August 2007

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Source: Land Registry

May 6, 2008