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The latest figures from the Land Registry are giving some indication that the apparent resilience of the Chiswick property market may be at an end.

The average price of a Chiswick property reported as sold so far in the fourth quarter of 2008 is £505,532 compared to £564,594 in the previous quarter. However with just over 35 properties having changed hands for the period it is hard to conclude that the numbers are truly representative. If the sale of a house for £2,425,000 in Priory Avenue has also distorted the figures. Without this sale the average would be just over £450,000. The extent of the fall seems partly to have been caused by flats comprising a larger proportion of properties sold.

The numbers provide a stark contrast to September which saw an average of £611,249 (revised up from the previously reported number). There were 5 properties changing hands for over £1 million a relatively high figure compared to previous months.

During the third quarter of the year prices rose by 7.9% compared to the previous three months. This put the average price of a Chiswick property for the period at £564,594.

These figures come as no surprise to Oliver Finn’s Christian Harper. “I expected to see a jerk reaction to market commentary. As with share prices when bad news is predicted the stock price falls immediately and then recovers in the following months. I would expect better reported results in future quarters as the market has stabilised to a degree as properties are appearing on the market at realistic prices which can appear too good to miss.”

“I am sure that I appear to be looking for the upside to compensate for such a hard hitting and factual headline but I would urge everyone to look at a more general and bigger picture.”

The table below shows the details of individual property transactions in the Chiswick area most recently reported to the Land Registry.

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Address Price Date
5, Bonheur Road, W4 1DH £577,000 31/10/2008
160, Chiswick Village, W4 3DG £250,000 31/10/2008
79, Chiswick Village, W4 3BZ £236,000 31/10/2008
29, Elmwood Road, W4 3DY £625,000 31/10/2008
7, Ellesmere Court, Ellesmere Road, W4 4QJ £220,000 31/10/2008
5, 5 Gresham Mews, Reynolds Road, W4 5AZ £237,500 31/10/2008
44, Priory Avenue, W4 1TY £2,425,000 31/10/2008
145b, Southfield Road, W4 5LB £250,000 31/10/2008
15, Ravenscroft Road, W4 5EQ £325,000 31/10/2008
59, Rusthall Avenue, W4 1BN £575,000 30/10/2008
Flat 8, Flanders Mansions, Flanders Road, W4 1NE £370,000 30/10/2008
Flat 23, Chesterman Court, Corney Reach Way, W4 2TP £425,000 29/10/2008
35, Fielding Road, W4 1HP £461,687 27/10/2008
36, Hazledene Road, W4 3JB £450,000 24/10/2008
30, Hatfield Road, W4 1AF £500,000 24/10/2008
70a, Weston Road, W4 5NJ £331,000 24/10/2008
39, Windmill Road, W4 1RN £530,000 22/10/2008
Flat 7, Oast Lodge, Corney Reach Way, W4 2TN £300,000 20/10/2008
133, Fielding Road, W4 1DA £699,950 17/10/2008
25, Fraser Street, W4 2DA £696,000 17/10/2008
4a, Grange Road, W4 4DA £265,000 17/10/2008
212, Southfield Road, W4 5LD £365,000 17/10/2008
Flat 6, Adelphi Court, Park Road North, W4 4QF £293,000 15/10/2008
21, Beverley Road, W4 2LP £1,070,000 15/10/2008
12, Riverview Road, W4 3QH £529,500 13/10/2008
18, Riverview Grove, W4 3QJ £770,000 13/10/2008
12, The Grange, W4 4DE £310,000 10/10/2008
Flat A, 37, The Avenue, W4 1HA £480,000 09/10/2008
Flat 2, 76 78 Blandford House, Chiswick High Road, W4 1SY £400,000 09/10/2008
23, Alwyn Avenue, W4 4PA £1,010,000 08/10/2008
Flat 9, 2a Mitchell House, Oxford Road North, W4 4DT £233,500 06/10/2008
Flat 52a, 50 54, Turnham Green Terrace, W4 1QP £475,000 06/10/2008
16, Staveley Gardens, W4 2SA £400,000 06/10/2008
4, Chiswick Village, W4 3BY £224,000 03/10/2008
29, Swanscombe Road, W4 2HL £680,000 03/10/2008
5a, Beaumont Road, W4 5AL £210,000 03/10/2008


Property sales in September 2008

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Source: Land Registry

March 25, 2009